Want curvy hips? Here is how to erase your hip dips.

In this era of huge butts especially made popular by the Kardashians, everyone seems obsessed with having a perfectly rounded butt. It has made getting rid of the hip dips a major obsession among women who want to get an hourglass shape.

But what are hip dips aka violin hips? It is scientifically known as trochanteric depression. These are naturally inward curves found at the side of the hips that make your butt look squarer than round.

I am going to say this there is nothing wrong with having hip dips. You can have hips dips and still have a curvy body.

Just look at Marilyn Monroe. She had hip dips and also had a beautiful hourglass shape. Having an hourglass shape is not measured by the shoulder to hip dip ratio. It’s about having broad shoulders and broad hips with a narrow waist. However, if you want to reduce your hip dips, follow this guide to get a rounder butt.

You may need to lose excess body fat, especially in your love handles because the fat on your flanks can make your hip dips look more obvious. You can do that by doing HIIT, sprints, or step class.

Also, pay attention to your diet and eliminate foods rich in simple carbohydrates and sugar from your diet. These foods include white bread, white pasta, biscuits, and soft drinks.

These foods make you gain weight in your belly, waist, and back. That will make you’re your hip dips look more noticeable.

A lot of times, things are not what they seem, especially on social media. Every day, we ladies give up on our bodies because we can’t change ourselves into images of beauty created by Instagram.

We try the latest diet, and exercise and still fail to come close to ideal beauty. Stop comparing yourself to people on social media. I have heard girls say “oh, I saw this stunning fitness Instagram model, she did this or that workout and now has the perfect body.

I have news for you. Just because a person posts a million pictures or videos of herself working out in the gym does not mean she got that body in the gym.

Many of them have had plastic surgery procedures like liposuction, fat transfer, and Brazilian butt lift. Then they tell lies on social media that they got their physique from diet and exercise.

They also use Photoshop to remove their hip dips and other parts of themselves they don’t like. It can turn the real into the perfectly unreal.

Don’t be deceived into thinking that everyone you see on social media is perfect and you are not. Work with you have. There is always room for improvement.

To get rid of at least reduce them, you need to gain muscle in the sides of your butt.The way to do this is to eat more calories than you burn off. However, be careful or else you will end up with unwanted body fat.

You can achieve that by eating foods high in protein. You should eat 2 grammes of protein per your goal body weight. Also, eat more complex carbs to gain muscle mass without excess body fat.

These foods rich in protein include chicken, eggs, fish, prawns, peanut butter, and lean beef.

Foods rich in complex carbs include sweet potatoes, yams, oats, carrots, aubergine, corn, brown rice, and whole grains.

If you want to get rid of your hip dips, you need to do exercises to build up your gluteus Maximus, medius, and minimus muscles. That means do exercises that build up your buttocks, not just your side booty or hip dip area.

If you focus on just your gluteus medius found on the upper part of your butt, you will end up with a strange vacuum in the middle of your booty because of undeveloped gluteus Maximus and medius muscles.

It can make your hip dips and whole buttocks, in general, look worse.You will also need to do the exercises consistently to not only fill out the hip dip area but maintain your results.

If you don’t, they will shrink back to their previous state. Also, lift heavy weights to build up the muscles in that area.

So add the following exercises to your fitness routine three times a week to get the best results.

  1. Fire Hydrants.
  1. Start on all fours.
  2. Raise your leg out to the side to the height of your hips.
  3. Bring it down to the starting position and repeat.

2. Side Lunge.

  1. Stand upright with a barbell resting on your shoulder.
  2. Take a step to the left and lower your body while maintaining the barbell parallel to the ground.
  3. Stay in the position for a second and return to the starting position.

3. Squats.

  1. Stand upright with a barbell resting on the back of your shoulders and your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Lower your body into a squat position but make sure your knees don’t go beyond your toes.
  3. Return to the starting position, keeping your back flat and head up.

4. Split Squats.

  • Stand upright with a barbell resting on your shoulder.
  • In that standing position, step forward as if performing a lunge. Keep your back straight and lower until your knee almost touches the floor.
  • Then push pack up.
  • Complete repetitions on the first leg and switch to the next leg.

5. Curtsey Lunges.

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart with a barbell resting on your shoulders or holding two dumbbells in your hands.
  • Keep your back straight and your stomach to the spine.
  • Step your left foot behind and outside your right foot, lowering your hips until your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Your left knee should be an inch or two above the ground.
  • Complete repetitions on one leg and switch to the other leg and repeat.


  • Lie down on your sides with legs stacked and knees bent at 90 degrees.
  • Raise your knee until your feet are in line with your buttocks. Put your left hand on your hip to ensure it doesn’t move forward.
  • Pull your stomach to your spine, with your feet together; raise your left knee as far as possible without moving your right hip.
  • Hold for a second and squeeze your buttocks at the top before returning to the starting position.
  • Complete repetitions and repeat on the other leg. Use a resistance band for better results.

So there you have it. Let me end this by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having hip dips. They are normal.

So Good luck on your journey to a rounder and sexier butt.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I don’t actually think I have hips 🙂 I’m always looking for new exercises to try, though, so these are great.

  2. I’m not quite sure if I actually have hip dips lol

  3. Claire says:

    Amazing, thank you so much for all this information ❤️

    1. You’re welcome

  4. Vanessa Dennis says:

    Yasss love it lol I need to work on my diet though for real. I eat very very little lol

  5. Jordan Nelson says:

    This is a problem I have. Will definitely check this out and try them!

  6. Victoria Prasad says:

    Great read! Honestly, I’ve never heard of hip dips!! Now excuse me while I go look at myself in the mirror to see if I have them!

  7. Never knew hip dips were a thing before this! (As in I know what you’re referring to but didn’t know what they’re called- thanks for the tips!)

    1. You’re welcome

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