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Beautiful, classy and sometimes dangerous. All these are the characteristics of a Bond girl. 

   I remember watching these James bond movies Dr No, Octopussy, Die Another Day and Skyfall.

These women were stunning these women looked. 

 I always strived to look as glamourous as these women ranging from Ursula Andress as Honey Rider in her white bikini to Monica Bellucci as Sccaria in Spectre.

     These women have fascinated movie goers worldwide with their looks, but what does it take to look like a Bond girl?

    Follow this guide below if you want to get the look.


      You may think that physical beauty, a sexy body or beautiful clothes are what makes Bond girls look so striking. 

     That may be partly true but if you look at these women, they all share a common trait even though they all look different.

   That trait is self-confidence. It’s the same trait you notice when you go to a boutique and see two women try out a beautiful dress.

   On the first woman, you notice how beautiful the dress is, its material, design etc. 

    However, you notice how beautiful the second woman looks without seeing the dress. She gives beauty to the dress, not vice versa.

   The difference between these two women is confidence. 

   Confidence is what makes you noticeable.

  As former miss world and Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra said ‘’I may not be the most beautiful woman in the room, but I always carry myself with confidence’’.

  All bond girls carry themselves with confidence and elegance.

Trim and Fit Bodies.

Today, there seems to be an obsession with having a big butt, hips and thighs which has been made popular by the Kardashians. It is not a bad look.

   However, if you look at all bond ladies from inception to date, these women always have trim and balanced bodies irrespective of their body shape. 

   None of them has a huge bottomed look.

     To get the look, you may need to start a diet and exercise routine if you are overweight.

    I recommend doing cardio four times a week to burn excess fat, especially from your mid-section.

   You can also lift light weights with high repetitions or do bodyweight exercises to tone your muscles without adding bulk. 

    Other exercise routines that will look are Yoga, Barre, Gyrotonics and Pilates.  

   If you are underweight, eat more carbs, protein and lift heavy weights to build sleek muscles that will look sexy in an evening gown.

Good Posture.

        If you look at these beautiful ladies in Bond movies, one common trait they have is good posture.

       But what is good posture? It is the effort of putting your body in a neutral position so that your head, torso and pelvis are in an optimal position to work efficiently and effectively.

    Apart from its aesthetic benefits, other things are having good posture can do for you.

These benefits include improved muscle health, improved circulation and digestion, back pain relief, Improved breathing and reduced risk of injury.

   If you have problems with slouching or tightness in your muscles, do the following exercises to improve your posture.


  It’s excellent for improving flexibility and aligning your body. However, make sure you go to a certified yoga instructor to avoid injury.


  This is an excellent routine for working your core muscles and creating long and lean muscles. It has hundreds of exercises that are good for correcting bad posture.


  This exercise routine was created by Callan Pickney and It was very popular in the eighties. 

  It is good for people with bad backs, creating light lean muscles, improving your posture and more.

   Incorporate these exercises into your routine get the Bond girl look.

Stylish Clothes.

   All women in bond movies have always dressed to kill. 

   This comes from choosing clothes that compliment their body shape and dressing for the occasion.

         So let’s explore the wardrobe pieces you need to get the look.

Sultry Evening Dresses.

A beautiful evening dress should be part of your wardrobe to get the look. 

   Turn heads like Naomie Harris (Moneypenny) in a curve-skimming, shimmering gold dress in Skyfall Barbara Bach as KGB agent ( Anya Amasova ) in a plunging midnight blue dress with double slits to show off long legs in The Spy Who Loved Me. 

 Berenice Marhole (Severine) in a sparkling black crystal-studded dress in Skyfall.


Rock jackets like a badass chick to get the look. You can see this in: Grace Jones (May Day) in a hooded leather jacket in A View to a Kill.

Halle Berry (Jinx) in a leather fringed jacket in Die Another Day.

Honour Blackman ( PussyGalore) in a gold waistcoat in Goldfinger.

Stylish Dresses.

    Add some beautiful feminine dresses to your wardrobe to get that sexy but casual look. 

   Examples of these are: 

Halle Berry in floral silk wrap dress in Die another day.

Barbara Bach in off white safari dress in safari dress in James Bond movie The spy who loved me.


  Bond girls throughout the ages always shared these common attributes: flawless skin, sultry eyes, glossy hair and the perfect pout. So let look at how you can get the bond girl look:

Flawless Skin.

  If you want flawless skin, exfoliate your skin once a week to get rid of dead cells.

   Then use a good moisturizer after exfoliating to keep your skin soft and supple. 

  Use a primer or foundation to give your face that perfect dewy look. You can also mix your foundation with your moisturizer to make your makeup look more natural.

Sultry Eyes.

  To get eyes to die for, you will need to go for a Smokey eye. 

   This can be achieved by using grey or bronze eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. You Smokey eye can be heavy or light depending on the occasion and time of the day. 

Jane Seymour as ( Solitaire) in Live and let die.

Eva Greene as Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale with Smokey eye.

Luscious Pout.

  You can create this look with either vamp or neutral lips. Start by exfoliating your lips to get rid of dry skin. Do it with a made scrub made by mixing money and sugar. Rub it on your lips, leave it for a minute then wash your lips.

Use a lip liner that matches your lip lipstick to line your lips, then fill in your lips with any colour of your choice.

Choose red lipstick if you have full lips and light coloured lipstick if you have smaller lips.

Glossy Hair.

These fabulous women have worn so many hairstyles throughout the years ranging from curly, pixie cut to French twist. These women share a common trait irrespective of their hairstyles and textures. They all have glossy hair. 

A great diet is a source of glossy hair, so eat a balanced diet rich in iron, vitamin A, omega 3 and sulphur. 

  These minerals are found In fish, garlic, eggs, meat citrus fruits, beets, beans and green leafy vegetables.

Then add these products to reach your bond hair goals: 

Moisturizing shampoo: use it to wash your hair to get rid of excess product build up and dirt.

Glossy conditioner for the shiniest hair.

Hair oil is the go-to for the most luxurious hair. It also protects hair from the heat of hand dryers and flat irons.

  So use your imagination and create any hairstyle that goes with your look and attire.

  So, there you go. You are now a sexy Bond girl. Conquer the world and fun Bond style.

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