7 exciting places to see in Mallorca: Gem of the mediterrean.

  Imagine a place on earth that can boast of excellent climate, beautiful white sand beaches, exotic coves and caves. Its area is on the island of Mallorca.  

    This beautiful Mediterranean island also has a rich and fascinating history of being occupied and controlled by the Carthaginians and Romans in the antiquity period (1233BC).

   It was vanquished by Spanish king James the conqueror. No wonder Mallorca was visited by 9.5 million tourists in the year 2013.

   So lace your shoes. Let us explore this Spanish island.


   There are so many places to see in Mallorca from stunning white beaches, picturesque locations and historical sites.     


    Mallorca has a lot of pristine beaches that cater to the different tastes of different people. Some of the good beaches to see are:

1. Playa de S’Amarador.

   This beach is located south of Mallorca. It is a stunning beach with glistening white sand and warm turquoise waters that are good for surfing and scuba diving.

  It also has a stunning view for you to see. You can sit here and watch the ocean.

 However, it can get hot in summer but, there is a forest nearby, where you can take some fresh air there.

  You can also visit the Palma museum of modern and contemporary art to experience the artistic vibe of the island. 

2.Escalo Des Moro.

   This island is located six kilometres from Santanyi in the southeast of Mallorca. 

    This island can boast of a good view for taking pictures. Try to get there early to see the sunrise in Calo Des Moro. It’s so beautiful!  Take pictures to capture memories.

3. Cala Banyalbufar

    It is a hidden treasure that is hard to find. it is worth the effort. The beach has crystal clear waters that are inviting and filled with beautiful fishes to see when snorkelling.

   Canal Banyalbufar also has large pillars reminiscent of ancient Greek temples and a waterfall that takes your breath away.

4. Cala Torts.

  Cala Torts is another pristine beach that can be found in the town of Arta, northwest of Mallorca.

   I love it because it has a lot of space for children to be around and it’s family-friendly.

  There are other good beaches to see in Mallorca like Call de sa Torre,Cala Pi de LA Posada etc.

Historical Sites.

  If you love history, you have come to the right place.

   Mallorca has interesting historical sites that will satisfy your curiosity. Interesting historical locations to see are:

1. Almudaina Royal Palace.

  Muslim governors built the royal palace in the 12th century. King James 3rd of Mallorca rebuilt it in 1309.

 It features Gothic style architecture and it retains elements of its Islamic style like the Moorish arches.

   It also has palm trees, antique furniture and beautiful gardens.

 2. Arab Baths. 

   These baths were built in the 10th century by Muslims from the Byzantine empire.

   It features ancient baths, Moorish arches and a garden.

   This place showcases how affluent Arabs lived in the past on the island.

3. La Casa de Robert Graves.

      It is a place you have to see in Mallorca. This was the house of the renowned English writer Robert Graves.

    He lived there from 1929 till his death with his mistress. It has beautiful gardens surrounding the house and a scenic view of the mountain and sea.

    The furniture and books here are well preserved. No wonder Robert Graves loved this place.

 Other beautiful places to explore are Cabrera Marine and Terrestrial Nature Reserve, Cathedral de Palma, the Drac caves, the Alta caves and various underground caves and lakes.

Scenic Landscapes.

   If you love being in nature, Mallorca is the place for you. The island has beautiful landscapes that will leave you awestruck.

  Some of these beautiful natural sites are:

Drach Caves.

  These caves are in Porto Cristo, on the east coast of the island. Drach caves is made up of four caves.It also has an underground lake called Lake Martel, known one of the largest underground lakes in the world.

  Rent a boat for a ride through the caves and be treated to a live classical music concert there. These caves are a spectacular natural wonder.

Barranc de Biniardix

   If you are a hiker, this is a great place to see and explore.

  It is between Soller and Fornalutx. Be warned! Hiking in Barranc de Biniardix can take up to five hours to a full day. 

  It also has some steep areas that require climbing. However, the background scenes are breathtaking. You have the chance to see olive and lemon trees, caves, mountains, waterfalls and more.


Mallorca can boast of having over 2,500 restaurants that cater to the taste of tourists from all over the world. 

  Its highly recommended that you try the native dish Sabrassada Arros brut’ (saffron rice cooked with chicken, pork, and vegetables).


    Your nighttime in Mallorca can be a blast because of the many beach clubs available on the islands.  

    Mallorca beach clubs are renowned for being relaxed and luxurious. They attract an international audience. Choose from any of the beach clubs to enjoy a calm and sophisticated environment.

 Puro Beach Club, Palma de Mallorca.

Nassau Beach Club, Palma de Mallorca.

Anima Beach Club, Palma de Mallorca.

  Have fun on this exotic island. You may just run into stars like tennis champion Raphael Nadal or supermodel Hana Sokupova. 

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  1. Love Mallorca! I stayed more on the Palma side but it was so beautiful. Now seeing all these other beaches, I need to go back and explore.

  2. This looks an absolutely stunning place to visit, we will be adding to our do list

  3. Lovely post. Each place looks so beautiful to visit. Thank you for sharing. ☺️

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

  4. Cath Carreon says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard about Mallorca, and it just blew my mind. The list is great and thanks for the recommendation. I’ll make sure to save this and add on my must do list.

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