Every year, new fashion trends come out. They are part of our culture and influence our outfit choices.

   Some and go like smoke while others, unfortunately, stay longer than they should.

     Just because a clothing item is expensive or is on the runway doesn’t mean you should wear it.      There have been fashion mishaps throughout the years that should never be seen again.

     Let’s see the 5 fashion trends I hope never to see again.

Ripped clothing.

     I don’t understand why torn clothes should be a fashion trend. Seriously, did the designer pass by homeless people have this brain wave that holes add character to clothing?

      If you have this clothing in your wardrobe, burn them immediately or better still, turn them into a rag you can use to dust your table or shine your shoes. Period.

     What is extremely shocking is the price tag on these clothes. Why would anyone pay such a hefty price for this trash?

      Why are we humans so bent on making ourselves look hideous?

Bikini bottoms.

        Swimwear can be sexy and flattering to the body but at the same time, it’s extremely tacky to show off your genitalia in public.

     There is a reason why they are called private parts. Do yourself a favour and keep them private.

      Aside from that, they flatter no one except those with thigh gaps, washboard abs and 2% body fat. Pick your battles wisely.

Asymmetrical jeans.

    I just wonder, what inspired the designer to make this outfit? We know that fashion doesn’t always have to make sense but this?

    OH! I think I get the designers idea. He or she thought “I will make an item that can make overweight and underweight women look fat and skinny at the same time”.

     So you get the best of both worlds.

     You can wear them if you don’t mind looking like a cripple and like you are suffering from elephantiasis at the same time.

    If not steer clear from them 

 Who came up with this shit?

Harem trousers.

     The 80s had their share of wacky fashion and this includes the harem trousers which were made popular by MC Hammer and they even made a comeback in 2010 thanks to pop star Justin Bieber.

    Unfortunately, they looked unflattering on MC Hammer and even Justin Bieber couldn’t pull them off.

   What can I say about them? They are unflattering to everyone and are awful. Just my opinion.

Sheer clothes.

         I am not against showing skin. However, there is a thin line between sexy and trashy. 

       And let’s be honest, most sheer clothes are downright trashy.

         Yes, they look good on the red carpet sometimes and I believe they should stay on the red carpet.    

    Wear them off the red carpet and you will be mistaken for a hooker.

        Flashing your underwear or body parts a’la Kim Kardashian or Bella Hadid is not just CLASSY.

      Yes, some models and actresses can pull it off and look tasteful but most can’t.

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  1. I can’t lie, I love ripped clothes. Especially jeans when they’re faded and ripped. There’s a certain edge to the look that I like.

    1. Well, if you like them wear them.

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