Classy Winter Outfits For Ladies 2020

      Winter is coming. Its that time of the year where temperatures can fall below zero depending on where you live.        It can also be tricky trying to look chic during winter because you

      Winter is coming. Its that time of the year where temperatures can fall below zero depending on where you live.

       It can also be tricky trying to look chic during winter because you are more concerned with staying warm as opposed to looking glamourous.

       Fortunately, it can be done. You don’t have to sacrifice your style in exchange for comfort.

You just have to be strategic about what type of clothes you will wear when you are shopping or going through your closet.

      So ladies, let’s look at different outfits you can wear to look classy during winter.

·        Monochrome Outfits.

        This is the best time to rock your monochrome clothes. Layering in monochrome outfits makes you look more put together. 

They also have a slimming effect, so you look thinner than you really are.

         Also wearing one colour can make your outfit look more expensive and classy, plus it will keep you warm too.

You don’t have to wear black. You can wear other colours like white, pink, green or even red too.

·        A Trench Coat.

         Every woman needs to have a good quality trench coat in her wardrobe. It not only keeps you warm during winter but it makes you look great too.

         It has to made from a good quality material because it will last longer and also keep you warmer. Invest in two coats:

  • A black coat you can wear for both day and night time.
  • A light coloured coat you wear mostly in the day time. Some colours you can wear are white, off white, yellow, light pink and camel.

          However, you can wear any them at any time of the day. I just think that light coloured coats look better in the daytime. But that is my personal opinion.

·        Chunky Cardigans.

         A chunky cardigan with leggings and boots is a quick way to liven up your look.

You can keep warm and look good in this combo both indoors and outdoors.

         See, you can look chic and casual in winter too.

·        Long sleeved dresses.

         I get it. We all love the beautiful fitted sleeveless dresses we wore during summer. However, now is not the time to wear them except well, you want to get Pneumonia.

        I know people find long-sleeved dresses boring but let’s be reasonable, you need clothing that will protect you from the elements.

        Also, long-sleeved dresses can be sophisticated if you dress them up with the right accessories like high heels and jewellery.

They are also appropriate for Christmas parties with family and friends.

·        Military jackets.

        Take inspiration from the army. You can upgrade a simple outfit like a pair of jeans and turtleneck with a military jacket.

          Its structured silhouette is flattering for almost all body types and it adds a polished touch to any look.

You can also wear a simple green khaki jacket in any style to look great.

·        Jeans.

        A pair of jeans is a clothing item that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. It can go with multiple clothing outfits and it can look dressed up or casual depending on what you want to achieve.

   For example, you can wear a pair of blue jeans with a trench coat, tank top and scarf. You can also wear it with a fitted cashmere cardigan and you are good to go.

·        Leggings.

         Leggings are a testament that a casual look can be great for winter too. They can be worn with a multitude of winter-appropriate items.

        They also look great with sneakers, high heels and boots.

·        Leather Jackets.

         Leather jackets are synonymous with fall but they can work for winter too. They are timeless and they can be worn with jeans, leggings or even a dress. So you end up looking effortlessly chic.

    Always buy a black and brown leather jacket which can be integrated into your collection of formal and casual wear with ease.

·        Turtlenecks.

          Turtlenecks are a great winter fashion staple. I love to wear them in winter because you don’t have to wear layer of clothes when you wear it.

         They keep you warm and you can wear them with a jacket and you are done. Get them in basic colours like white, brown, beige and camel.

         Also, try buying turtlenecks made with cashmere if you can afford it because they will last longer and keep you warmer.

         You can wear a black turtleneck with a tweed skirt.

·        Metallic gold tanktop.

         Wintertime is known to be dull and grey but it doesn’t have to be. You can wear metallic clothes like a gold metallic tank top under your jacket.

         It reflects light and will brighten up dull winter complexions. You can pair it with brown trousers and a tan jacket.

·        Puffer jackets.

       A puffer jacket is an essential clothing item you should wear in winter to beat the cold.  It should be in every woman’s wardrobe because it can be chic and fashionable.

         Buy puffer jackets that are made with quality materials and practical colours.  You can rock a puffer jacket with a belt and dark coloured trousers to create a neat silhouette.

         Also wear puffer jackets that fall just below the waist. They tend to be more flattering.

·        Sweater dress.

    Sweater dresses are another wardrobe essential you need during winter. Its streamlined silhouette and warmth make it a staple that can be worn at different times.

       It is versatile and you can wear it with different accessories to change the look. For example,  you can wear a sweater dress with leggings and you are done.

        You can also pair it with thigh-high boots, drop earrings and long necklaces.

        Another way to wear a sweater dress is to pair it a belt (especially a body con sweater dress) and high heels.  You wear it for a Christmas party with friends and family.

       They come in different styles ranging from turtleneck, V neck, off shoulder etc. Choose the style that flatters you the most.

·        Jumpsuit.

         Jumpsuits are another important clothing item you need during the winter. They are practical because they cover your legs and keep you warm on those chilly days.

   You can wear jumpsuits with any type of neckline to look glamorous. One way you can wear your jumpsuit is to pair it with a turtleneck.

  You can also wear it with a  black, cream or brown leather jacket or brighten your look with a red or pink trench coat.

·        Capes.

         Capes are very insulating and comfy. They can be worn with a multitude of outfits.

           Wear a cape with jeans, equestrian boots and scarf.

·        Accessories You Need.

  1. Hat .

      I have always loved hats. They have a way of making you look sophisticated and they keep your head warm on those cold days.

  • Boots.

Winter is the best time to wear boots. You can wear whatever kind of boot you want if you will be always outdoors.

  • Gloves.

I think black gloves look great and this is the best time to wear them.

  • Scarves.

They can be styled in different ways to keep you warm and spice up your outfit.

So there you go beautiful ladies. Choose any of these outfits and look your best in winter.


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