A blazer which is a type of jacket is a beauty item every woman needs in her wardrobe to look elegant at all times. It can be used to dress up or dress

    A blazer which is a type of jacket is a beauty item every woman needs in her wardrobe to look elegant at all times.

It can be used to dress up or dress down an outfit depending on the occasion.

But how do you choose the right blazer for you?             

Well follow these 5 tips to get your perfect blazer.

  1. Find your fit.

Consider your body shape before you buy a blazer because no one size fits all. Different blazers compliment different body shapes.

Are you pear shaped, apple shaped, rectangular, inverted triangle or hour glassed shaped?

  • Pear shape.

You need to select blazers that balance your narrow upper body with your wide lower body. Choose blazers that have shoulder pads and ruffles on the collar.

You should also pick blazers that have details on the on the shoulder, collar and lapel or lighter coloured blazers.

You can wear belted blazers provided they have shoulder pads or details on the collar.

Avoid blazers that have details on the bottom of them and blazers that end at the hipline as they will make your lower body look larger.

  • Hour glass shape.

If you have an hour glass shape, then you are in luck. You need to choose blazers that accentuate your strength, which is your small waist.

Choose belted blazers because they show off your small waist and make you look fantastic.


You should also choose single breasted blazers instead of double breasted blazers.

Single breasted blazers always have more space at the top so it won’t be too tight in the shoulder and bust area.

  • Inverted Triangle.

If you have this body shape, you need to choose blazers that take away attention from your broad shoulders and back.

Choose blazes without collars that fall below the hipline.


You can also wear peplum style blazers and blazers that are made with flowing fabrics like silk and chiffon.



Avoid blazers with shoulder pads, any details on the top of the blazer or if possible choose blazers without lapels.

  • Apple Shape.

If you are apple shaped, you need to choose blazers that will disguise your large middle. Choose structured blazers because the cut will draw attention away from your midsection.

Choose rectangle shaped blazers than are made with thinner fabrics. You can also wear blazers that fall below the hips to make you longer and leaner.

You can also wear belted blazers as long as the belt is not tight.

Keep it loose and let the belt tiny. If not, it will make your midsection look worse.

  • Rectangle Shape.

If you are rectangle shaped, you need to choose blazers that will add curves to your lean body. Wear belted blazers to give you an illusion of a waist.

You can also choose blazers that are nipped in the waist or peplum blazers to give you a curvier silhouette.

  • Know your complexion.

It is very important for you to choose colours that compliment your skin tone, so that you can look and feel your best.

Lighter complexioned ladies can wear both dark and light coloured blazers. You can wear dark coloured blazers if you want to look leaner but you can wear light coloured blazers if you are already lean.

Dark complexioned ladies look great in light coloured blazers. Chose colours like red, yellow, pink, sky blue etc.

However, always find out which colours look best on you because some colours don’t compliment some people irrespective of their skin tone.

  • Weather.

           Another thing to take note of is choosing the right blazer for your environment.

   There is no point in buying a leather blazer when you live in a place that is hot or a chiffon blazer when you live in a cold place.

 If you live in a hot environment, you should choose blazers that are made with soft and light fabrics. Examples of these fabrics are chiffon, cotton and linen.

        However, if you live in a cold environment, choose blazers that are made with heavier and thicker fabrics. Examples’ of these are tweed, rayon, viscose, polyester,leather and crepe.

  • Play with proportions.

       There is no point of wearing a beautiful blazer when you feel uncomfortable in it.

Always choose blazers that are fitted but not clingy at the shoulders.

You should also buy a blazer that is a size bigger just in case you need to make alterations.

 Also pay attention to details like the bust, lapel and sleeves. Such things can make or break the look of your blazer.

  • Dress for the occasion.

        A blazer is such a versatile item that it can be worn to almost any occasion.

A sequin blazer for example will be unsuitable for the office, but more appropriate for a girl’s night out as a structured blazer will look out of place in a casual party.   

 Look at the following ways below rock your blazer for every occasion.

You can wear a tan coloured blazer with a white tank top and white jeans.

You can wear a black blazer with a black tank top or satin spaghetti strap and pair it with a short metallic skirt for a night out.

You can wear your blazer with skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans to hang out with friends.

You can wear your blazer with a pair of trousers, whether wide legged trousers or cigarette trousers for a formal look.


This look is suitable for the office or formal occasions.

You can also wear your blazer with well tailored shorts for a more casual look.

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