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20 Great Birthday Gifts For Teenage Guys that they will love.

    Finding good and affordable birthday -gifts for teenage boys may seem daunting but, it doesn’t have to be. Looking for beautiful gifts that will wow your teenage son, brother, nephew or friend? Overpowered by the myriad of options available on Google and online shops?

   Relax, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’m going to help you find the perfect gift for your teenage son, nephew, brother, friend or loved one.

    I will give you different options for each gift idea so that you can choose from them. And best of all, I have gathered the best birthday gifts to cater to the taste of your teenage loved one.

   And now, without further ado, let’s dive in. Here are 17 great birthday gifts for teenage guys for their birthday and (beyond).

Play station.

    Yes, it’s a cliché. However, we live in an era where teenage boys love anything digital, that includes the Play station.

    They all love the adrenaline rush when they are playing and winning with their friends, this should be a good birthday gift for them.

    In addition to that, there are so many games they can play on it, which makes it a win-win situation for them.

Mp3 Player.

    Is your teenage boy a music lover? If he is, then surprise him with an Mp3 player. He will have the opportunity to listen to all his favourite music tracks ranging from Justin Bieber or Jay-z while exercising, doing his household chores or just relaxing.

Piggy Bank.

    If your teen has a job and is too young to open a bank account, a piggy bank is a perfect birthday present for him.

   It will give him the perfect opportunity to learn how to save his money and keep it safe at the same time.

Cotton T-Shirt


     This is a classic. A cotton t-shirt never goes out of style and he can never have too many of them. He can wear them at home for a casual feel or dress them up with a good pair of jeans. The choice is his.

A Tablet Cover

      We all need protection for our tablets, especially teenage guys that are known for being careless. A beautiful and sturdy tablet cover will protect his tablet at all times while making it look stylish too. He will love it.


     David, my 15-year-old cousin just jumped on the health bandwagon and decided to start drinking smoothies. So I decided to buy him a flask as a birthday gift and guess what? He loved it!

   He has had his eye on this flask because it is portable. My cousin can now take his smoothies in the flask with him to school or for sports activities.

   This flask would be great for anyone who wants to drink smoothies or water on the go. 

 It takes up a little space in your bag too.

Raycon Ear pods.

     Wireless ear pods are another gift item that tops the list of gift items for teenage guys. My friend Joshua loves them because they block out most external sounds during online classes.

     They are compact and lightweight, which makes them so easy to carry around. They are also waterproof, so they don’t have to worry if they fall inside water or are affected by sweat during their sports class.

     The battery lasts for over five hours which is enough for them to listen to their favourite music tracks.

Leather Wallet.

     He will love this one. It is so classy and perfect. It is also perfect for him to keep his money, driver’s license, ID cards (if he has any) etc. This is one gift item I recommend for teenage guys anytime.


     Teenage boys always want to look cool and stylish. Nothing exudes style like a beautiful wristwatch. 

 He can keep track of time and look cool with it when as a fashion item.

     You can buy a Timex Casio wristwatch for him. Watches are stylish, affordable and durable, which makes them a good birthday present.

    You can also get him a G-Shock wristwatch. 

   I love them because they are powered by solar energy and last up to ten months without being exposed to the sun when they are fully charged.

     This is a low-maintenance watch that is suitable for them. They will love it.

Leather Sandals.

      Leather sandals are a fantastic gift to give him on his birthday. It is ideal for the boy who needs more casual footwear. He can wear them with his favourite pair of jeans trousers.

     They are also very comfortable and depending on your location or weather, he can wear them on the beach or around town, which is nice.

Alarm Clock.

    An alarm clock is a perfect gift for teenage boys who have a problem with waking up early for school or keeping to their study time.

   They come in different designs ranging from the funny to the practical.

    Just choose one that is a good fit for his personality. He can use it as a reminder to get to his homework or chores.

     You can get him a vintage classic analogue clock or a modern digital alarm clock that comes with additional features like a phone charger, date etc.

School Bag.

    A school bag is a good gift for teenage boys that attend school. They can use it to carry their notebooks, and laptops to school.     

   A school bag is a birthday gift that is beautiful and useful too.

Mini Camera.

    You can introduce him to the world of photography with a mini camera as a birthday present. 

  Help him develop his photography skills and capture memories and beautiful locations with it.


   Teenager guys love trainers. Why don’t you get him a pair of trainers as a gift on his birthday? 

 Trainers are great for casual outfits. They look stylish too.They are popular among celebs like Anwar Hadid (brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid).

Laptop Case.

     If he has a laptop computer, you can give him a unique laptop case to protect it as a birthday gift. 

   Choose a laptop case that is made with high-quality PU leather and has anti-dust and impact features. 

    A laptop case will protect his laptop if he accidentally bumps into another person. 

    What more could he ask for?   

Portable Grinder.   

       Give a portable grinder as a birthday gift to your teen guy. 

    This will help him take blending on the road and he won’t skip on drinking his healthy and delicious smoothies.

A Pair Of Jeans.

      A pair of jeans is another good birthday gift for your teenage guy. I have to warn you! You will have to persuade him to take them off on laundry day.  

   Instead, buy him two extra pairs in different colours and he will be set for the week.


     If your teen loves music, a pair of headphones will change the way he listens to music. 

 These headphones are comfortable, with excellent sound quality. They will let him tune out the world, regardless of his location.


     Who doesn’t love a pair of sunglasses? I can’t think of anybody who doesn’t love them. Buy your teen guy in your life a pair that he can wear for years and still look cool.

Mini Fridge.

    When the weather heats up, there is nothing as refreshing as having a cool drink. Treat your teen to a mini fridge. That way, he will be able to have his cool drink on those hot summer days.


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