12 sexy summer hairstyles to keep you cool in the heat.

  I love summertime! It’s that time of the year when we get to wear sexy swimwear and fancy dresses and experience fair weather.

      However, it comes with a downside, the heat and high humidity. Therefore, wearing an appropriate hairstyle in the summertime will not only make you look nice and keep cool. It is a good idea.

      What is the point of looking beautiful when you feel hot and sweaty? If you are looking for hairstyles that will make you look good but keep you cool this summertime, look no further.

      Here are 16 hairstyles you can do this summer to look beautiful and keep you cool at the same time. Let us dive in:

  • Topknot
  • French braid
  • Knotted Ponytail
  • Pigtails
  • Cornrows
  • Pompadour
  • Pixie Cut
  • Choppy Wavy Bob
  • Milkmaid Braids
  • High Bun
  • Box Braids
  • Two Braids


If you can’t stand to have hair touching your neck and shoulders due to the heat and humidity, this hairstyle is for you.
It is classy, easy to do and goes with most outfits. What more can you ask for? Turn heads like Poppy Delevinge in this messy top-knot. Feel free to make this hairstyle sleek or messy. The choice is yours.

French Braid.

This is another summer hairstyle that is so versatile. I love it because you can wear it in various ways for different occasions.
Express your romantic side like Salma Hayek with this summer hairstyle.

Pineapple hairstyle.

Shine this summer in this beautiful hairstyle that exhibits your natural curls and keeps hair off your neck during those hot summer days.
Rock your curls like Rhianna is wearing the pineapple hairstyle here.

Knotted Ponytail.

Not only is the knotted ponytail elegant, but it’s also easy to do and completed in 5 to 7 minutes. It is also a great hairstyle to do this season when you are in a hurry.
All you need is hair gel, rubber bands, a hairbrush and hair extensions. Voila! You are good to go. Flaunt your elegance like Chrissy Teigen in this hairstyle.


This is the ideal soft and sweet summer hairstyle. Explore your inner child with pigtails like Yara Shadidi.

Classic Chignon

The chignon is another popular hairstyle I recommend for summertime. It’s elegant, keeps you cool and you can wear it for different occasions.
It’s also great because it keeps the hair off your face and neck, which is a win-win for me. Sport a classic chignon like Kate Beckinsale this summer.

The Pompadour.

Women with short hair, you are in luck. You will love this hairstyle. It’s edgy, fearless and suitable for the hot weather.
Style the pompadour hairstyle in different ways and it’s suitable for different face shapes and occasions. Get inspired by Pink or the model below and wear the pompadour hair like a badass.

Pixie cut.

This is another summer hairstyle that is good for women with short hair. This hairstyle is sophisticated and keeps you cool in summer like the former too.
Show off your cheekbones like Halle Berry and Nicole Murphy with the pixie cut.

Choppy Bob.

This is another hairdo I love and recommend for women this season. Add some layers to your short hair with this messy choppy Bob.
This is a good hairstyle because it is good for short and mid-length hair. Style your choppy bob to fit the shape of your face and draws attention to your collar bones.

Eton crop.

I find the Eton crop hairstyle fascinating. This reminds me of old Hollywood the 40s, especially the gorgeous singer Josephine Baker who made this hairstyle popular in her heydays in France.
This is another hairstyle that is great if you have short hair, so you don’t have to worry about looking chic.
Be inspired from Josephine baker or Keira Knightly who rocks this hair with a modern twist.


Get inspired by an expert and leave a lasting impression like singer Ciara in this summer hairstyle. This is a protective hairstyle for your natural hair, suits various hair length and easy hairstyle to do.
All you need is some hair extensions if you want longer hair.

Milkmaid Braids.

I love this bohemian summer hairdo because it’s fun and ideal for hot weather, can be worn with a simple summer dress or a blazer dress for a girls’ night out.
Take inspiration from Sienna Miller who rocks this hairstyle in style.

High Bun.

Summertime is the perfect time to rock the high bun. Go for a high bun like Rosie Hungtington Whitely for a sleek and elegant look.


If you have straight hair, you are in luck. This classic hair goes with different types of outfits and it also keeps you cool during hot and humid days.
Copy this hairstyle worn by Kim Kardashian for a sleek look.

Box Braids.

This is another hairstyle you can try this summer. It is nice because braids are a protective style for natural hair and wear it up or down depending on the weather or your mood.
Your scalp will also have a chance to get fresh air and you can wash your hair anytime you want. If you don’t wash your hair with your braids, clean your scalp with methylated spirit and cotton wool.
Your hair will feel clean without having to wash it.

Take inspiration from Beyonce and wear your Box braids this summer.

Fishtail Braid.

This one is good for ladies who have long hair they want to wear down but don’t want to experience any discomfort due to the heat and humidity. All you need to do is pack your hair to one side and braid it.
If you have short hair but, want to wear this hairdo, no worries.

Use a pair of bobby pins, elastic bands and hair extensions to create this hairstyle.It’s a great look for outdoor events, casual occasions etc.

Two braids

This hairstyle is pretty and practical. It can look great on all hair lengths ranging from short to long hair. Part your hair in the middle and weave both sections till the end and secure with rubber bands.

There you have it. Feel free to try out any of these summer hairstyles and tell me what you think.

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  1. I’m in florida, keeping my hair away from my face and body is a must. Thanks for these awesome tips and hairstyles.

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