12 Best Portable Exercise Gear To Get Fit.

 The best portable exercise gear lets you stay in shape and healthy regardless of location. If you want to stay fit and look your best, you need to have a consistent exercise routine for your physical and mental wellbeing.

    If you live in a place with limited space or are always on the go, portable exercise gear offers you an easy, convenient solution for staying fit.

    Another good thing about investing in portable exercise gear is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. They offer the same benefits of regular exercise without spending a dime on gym fees.

   They are also portable. You can travel with them, so you have no excuse for skipping your workouts.

    So what are the best portable exercise gears for you? 

There are factors you need to consider before investing money in exercise gear. These factors are:


     Price is the most important factor you should consider before buying any exercise gear. Let’s face it, buy what you can afford without compromising on the quality of the exercise equipment.

     The good news is most portable exercise gears are cheaper than their regular counterparts, so you have nothing to worry about.

Fitness goals.

      The second factor to consider is your fitness goals. What do you want to accomplish?

  • Do you want to incorporate more cardio exercises into your fitness routine or do strength training?
  • Do you want to build muscle in your glutes and legs,
  •  Do you want to tone up your back, arms and chest?
  • Do you want to do full-body workouts?

     Answer these questions before you buy any exercise equipment.


    The material is the third factor you should consider when buying portable exercise gear. 

    Buy exercise gear that is sturdy, reliable and has the comfort and safety of the user in mind.

   So with no further ado, let us explore the best exercise gear for you to stay fit.

Step Platform.

     It is good if you want to incorporate box jumps and split squats into your exercise routine.

    They are usually lightweight, easy to carry, assemble and easy to store.

    Apart from aerobic exercise, you can use it for your press-ups, triceps dips and sit-ups.

    This will strengthen your arms, chest and arm muscles.

Weighted Vests.

      This is another portable exercise to include in your fitness equipment collection. Weighted vests are made with rubber, or fabric, and are comfortable and great for different workouts.

   They are also adjustable. You can increase or decrease the weight based on your preference. You can wear weighted vests when jogging or walking. They will help you build up strength and endurance.

    You can wear it while doing your household chores. That’s why I love them so much.

Ankle Weights.

    I love them because they are so easy to use. I recommend ankle weights if you want to build your glute muscles and take your exercise routine to the next level.

   You can also wear them at home while you are cleaning or playing with the children. 

   You’ll get your exercise without thinking about it. That is why ankle weights are so good for fitness freaks and home exercise.

Mini Stepper.

   Do you want to get in shape without spending money? Buy a mini stepper?

  Mini steppers are a space-saving cardio machine that allows you to have an aerobic workout without leaving your house.

    It is so easy to use. Just bring it out and use it. 

    It is also portable, so you can carry it and use it in your hotel room when you are out of town.

Skipping Rope.

    A skipping rope is one of the best portable exercise gear you can buy. 

   Skipping ropes are portable and lightweight, and you can carry them anywhere.

     A skipping rope workout is one of the most effective exercises you can try. 

   It helps you get a full-body workout, improves your focus, stamina, and coordination and burns 350 calories in a 30-minute skipping session. What more could you ask for?

Resistance Bands.

    Resistance bands are also a great addition to your exercise equipment. 

    They can be used for different types of exercises. You can use them for Pilates, Yoga, strength training and more.

    They will also add flexibility to your glutes, legs and arms as you use them in resistance training. 

    The bands are lightweight but sturdy and can be used for daily or weekly workouts.

Yoga Mats.

        I love yoga mats because they are light and portable. They are also easy to clean and take very little space in your house or your bag.

     If you want to buy a yoga mat, make sure you choose one with the right thickness to cushion your joints and knees when you are doing yoga poses.

    Also, choose ones made from eco-friendly materials and free from PVC /Latex because they are more durable. 

  Yoga mats also come in different colours, so you can choose whatever colour you like.


     Dumbbells are essential tools you should add to your fitness equipment. 

    You can use them during your step-up workout or when walking on the beach.

    Dumbells are great for toning your arms, shoulders and back.

    They also come in different weights, so you can choose the one that suits your current fitness level and future goals.

    They are also easy to store because they take a smaller space due to their compact size.

Ab Roller.

      Ab rollers are a piece of simple equipment for working your abs and back muscles. They are ideal for tight spaces.

    They are also portable so, it is easy to carry them with you for your exercise, be it at home, your hotel room, gym etc.

    They may not be easy to use when you are a beginner but don’t give up. You will get used to it with practice.

Suspension Bands.

    Suspension bands are another excellent exercise gear you can buy to add to your workout collection. 

   I love them because they are versatile, with a few straps, you can get an intense full-body workout.

   They can be used for indoor and outdoor exercises. They also come with anchors that can be attached to a tree branch, doors, beams etc.

   They are also portable and lightweight, so you can take them wherever you go.

Portable Home Gym.

    Are you concerned about maintaining your muscle gains and fitness level but find it hard to go to the gym? 

    If yes, a portable home gym s the answer to your fitness prayers.

   A portable home gym can provide a good workout in a small place.

   Now, you have no excuse for not doing your exercises because you can use them in the comfort of your home.

    They also come with online videos to help you customize your exercise routine. You can also pack them in your bag and carry them with you when you are travelling.

     Another thing I like about a portable home gym is that it can withstand whatever weight you want to use on it. That makes it excellent for lower body exercises like squats, lunges etc.

Push Up, Board.

     If you want lean and beautifully shaped muscles or are a fan of pilates, you should invest in a pushup board.

     It contains booty bands to use to work your legs and a Pilates push-up bar for doing your core and upper body exercises.

  Push up boards compact. That’s awesome.

So that’s it ladies and gentlemen. Invest in portable exercise gear and get the fittest body you’ve always wanted.

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  1. jimmy Clare says:

    great ideas thanks for shairng

  2. Jump ropes are my favorite workout gear, It’s so much doing some cardio with it

  3. Olga says:

    Thank you for cool tips! Definitely, I need more work out after one month in Europe. I love to do walking exercises at home and I`m looking for new gear.

  4. ProjectGirl2Woman says:

    Great ideas. I’ll safe them for later in case I need a present 🙂

  5. Charlie-Elizabeth Nadeau says:

    These are great tips! Since COVID started I stoped going the the Barre Fitness studio and started doing the same classes online (Barre Fit Warriors) but livestream, which recreated the studio experience but from the comfort of my home. However, I did have to get equipment and on a budget it can be challenging to know what to get, what will work best and for the most exercises. The tools you mention are great. I’ve been meaning to get ankle weights, you convinced me 🙂 Thank you for this!

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