10 Stunning Places You Have To Visit In Cascais, Portugal.

Close your eyes and imagine walking on a white sand beach feeling the warm sunshine on your face and the cool breeze blowing your hair. 

  You stop and lie down under an umbrella with a cool cocktail drink in your hand. Ah! so heavenly. 

  This paradise can be found in the seaside town of Cascais. This town is located on the Portuguese Riveria and has an interesting history. 

   It has been home to many members of European royalty including King Juan Carlos of Spain, and King Edward VIII of England to name a few. Also, Ian Fleming also took inspiration from the Casino Estoril located in Cascais, when he was writing his first James Bond novel Casino Royale. 

  I can say that Cascais is an ideal city break. It ticks all the boxes :

culture, history, gastronomy, scenic locations, adventure and more. It also has more than enough places to shop, eat and drink in style. 

  So pack your bags and let’s see what this vibrant town has to offer. 

1. Saint Martha’s Lighthouse. 

  This lovely white and blue striped lighthouse is a good place to visit in Cascais. 

  You can find it on Rua de Foral, Cascais. You will love this place because it’s so easy to find. 

  It was built in the 1640s as a fortress to keep invaders out of the Cascais bay area. 

   However, the lighthouse was built on the site in 1867. Today, it now features a museum.

  You can go up the tower for a fantastic view of the harbour. 

Take a peek into the life of the lighthouse keepers over the years. Make sure you take pictures to capture memories 

2. Marechal Carmona Pack. 

   If you like being in nature, you are going to love Marechal Carmona Park. 

  It is located in Praceta Domingos D’Avila, near Condes Casyro Guimaraes palace, Cascais. The park can boast of scenery second to none. 

  Stroll through this stunning park that features lush grass and large. trees that provide shade from the sun. 

  It also has exotic animals like turtles, geese, ducks and even peacocks. 

  It is also ideal for the family because it has a field for playing games and several lakes for taking pictures and picnics. 

  The park is a peaceful place to relax. Spend a few hours there and come back feeling invigorated. 

3. Condes Castro Guimaraes Palace.

  This is another hidden gem worth visiting in Cascais. It is an unconventional-looking 19th mansion situated at Avenue Rei Humberto II de Italia, Cascais. 

   The palace can boast of a tower that stands out of a small cove and an eccentric combination of protruding eaves and porches. 

    Conde Castro is now a museum that exhibits various paintings, luxurious furniture and artefacts. 

  Visit the palace and take a peek at the opulent Lives of Portuguese nobility who lived there in the past. 

4. Prai De Santa Marta.

   If you love visiting the beach but hate crowds, head over to Pa Marta beach.

   It is in the western end of Cascais town near Condes de Castro Guimaraes museum. 

   Although it’s a small beach, it has calm clear waters that are good for swimming. Its magical surroundings make it the place to take your next Instagram picture.

5. Boco De Inferno.

Boco De inferno is one place that stands out in Cascais. It’s a mesmerizing place that is good for taking pictures.

   It was an ancient cave that collapsed leaving behind a sea arc and chasm.

It has a spectacular view and various small shops around the area where you can gifts, food etc.

Buy some ice cream and relax around there.

However, the cliffs can be dangerous, don’t get too close to the edge.

6. The Royal Palace Of Cascais.

   The palace is another good place I recommend you visit during your stay in Cascais.

  This landmark was the summer home of the Portuguese royal family until the assassination of the last king of Portugal, King Dom Carlos in 1908.

   It is another place to explore. It has a chapel, beautiful architecture, furniture, gardens etc.

 Visit here to get a glimpse into the world of Portuguese royalty.

7. Palacio Seixas.

   Here is another historical landmark you have to see in Cascais. It is by the ocean and looks like something out of a fairytale book.

   It has beautiful gardens for you to stroll accompanied by ducks, chickens and cockerels. Make sure you have a camera to take many pictures.

   You can also have a picnic there. It is suitable for family outings because it has a children’s play area.

  Just go there and bask in the splendour nature has to offer.

8. Jardim Visconde De Luz.

   Jardim Visconde is a scenic garden in the centre of the town. If you love being in nature, head over to this place.

   It opened in 1867 as a place of leisure for the residents of Cascais at the time.

   It has beautiful flowers and trees that provide shade from the sun.

   There is also a restaurant by the park, so you can eat there if you are hungry.

  The park has a play area equipped with slides, swings and wheelies for children. 

9. Abano Beach.

   This hidden gem is situated next to Guincho beach in the Northwest of Cascais.

  If you don’t like crowded beaches, go to Abano Beach.

  I like it because it’s discreet and surrounded by rocks. You can lie there and enjoy a quiet afternoon alone.

  It is also windy, which makes it ideal for surfers.

10. Maregrafo De Cascais.

  Here is another landmark worth visiting in the town.  

   It was built in 1882 and is in Cascais municipality. Check it out to see how the sea level was monitored in the 19th century.

Best time to visit Cascais.    

According to Sue Reddel, Cascais has great weather suitable for people who like sunny weather. The best time to visit here is from April to September. If you want to enjoy Cascais without the tourist crowd, you can visit here between April to early June or August to late September.

   So that’s it, folks. Explore this lovely town. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Haven’t been to Portugal yet, but it seems like the next great place to add to my bucket list.

  2. What a fantastic little gem and the choice is great something for everyone…though it’s Boco De Inferno that intrigues me.

  3. Prai De Santa Marta sounds beautiful. Its true I don’t like crowds and would love to visit a quiet beach.

  4. Nice roundup of beautiful places in Cascais.

  5. Portugal was on my radar, but now I’m REALLY eager to visit!

  6. Cath Carreon says:

    It all sounds a great place, I wonder how long should I stay to visit everything on the list?

  7. Great summary! Portugal is very high on our bucket list.

  8. Okay that picture with the blue water already sold me! However, so many of these spots sound wonderful. I’m going to have to go there on my next visit to Portugal!

  9. I have heard endless good things about Portugal. Especially Boco De Inferno that you mentioned. I am planning a trip to Europe later this year and you’ve convinced me to add Portugal to the list!

  10. So many places to see. I love beaches and lighthouses so that’s where I’d be. I love the sound of Abano beach. A quiet afternoon on the beach watching surfers sounds perfect for me.

  11. Haven’t been to Portugal yet, but surprisingly heard a lot about Cascais and its surfing spots that are supposed to be good for beginners. Need to reaserch it more and plan a trip.

  12. Saint Martha’s lighthouse looks like a dream! I would love to relax in that tranquil water! I have a friend in Portugal now, and will have to tell her about this!

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