10 fun things to do and see in Belfast.

   Belfast is a fascinating place to visit. The city was known for violence and suffering during the troubles in the latter part of the century.

   However, there are so many fun places to visit and fun things to do in this vibrant city, which is the capital of Northern Ireland. 

 So, lace up your shoes and let us see the fun things to do in Belfast.

Explore Belfast Botanic Gardens.

   Belfast botanic garden is a fantastic place to explore. It is located in college park, Belfast. 

 The botanic gardens feature beautiful flowers, plants and two glass houses.

   This is a place to take a stroll and have a picnic. It also offers a beautiful green space, a rain forest ravine hot house and a peaceful atmosphere for people who love being in nature. 

  Visiting the botanic garden free to visit. You can take pictures of the beautiful rose garden.

   This place is stunning.

Dine At Cabaret Supper Club.

    Do you love old Hollywood glamour, burlesque and magic?

    If your answer is yes, head over to the Cabaret Supper Club. The club is located at 44 upper Arthur Street, Belfast.

   Be teleported back in time to this place with moody lighting, delicious food and drinks.      

  The club also hosts outstanding entertaining acts that pay tribute to yesteryears stars like Frank Sinatra.

    So dress to the nines and enjoy a night in Cabaret supper club.

Visit Belfast Castle.

    If you are a history lover, head over to Belfast Castle. It is on Antrim Road on the slopes of Cavehill country park.

    It was originally built in Norman times. The castle has a bloody history.

    English forces invaded and conquered the castle from the 14th to the 16th century. A massacre even occurred on the palace grounds in 1574.

    Today, this quaint castle features Scottish architecture and well-kept gardens to stroll in and where you can get a stunning view of Belfast Loch and Down county.

   Entry into Belfast castle is free. You can also check out the underground café on the palace ground if you get hungry.

   The atmosphere is very relaxed. It’s a great place to spend your afternoon. 

 No wonder Belfast castle is a popular place for weddings and meetings.

Walk up Mourne mountains.

    Mourne mountain is a great place to visit if you are an adrenaline junkie.

   There are so many things to do here.

    You can explore the woodlands hills, paddle through Strangford 

lough or trek up its giant mountains to get a spectacular view.

   This place is so beautiful that it inspired C.S Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. Also, walk through the stunningly beautiful locations from the series Game Of Thrones.  

   You can engage in Mountain biking, bouldering, kayaking, go horse riding through its enchanting forest.

Ski in Vertigo.

   If you want to get in shape while on holiday, check out We Are Vertigo.

   It is in Newtownbreda Industrial estate, Cedarhurst Road, Belfast.

   It has rope parks, a trampoline park and a restaurant. 

 Feel free to hop on the trampoline to burn excess calories without putting stress on your joints and get the body of your dreams.

    It also has a new Fahrenheit session, a fitness event for people of all ages, which is fun.

Watch a show at the Grand Opera House.

  If you love opera music, you are in luck. The grand opera house is another fun place in Belfast. 

  The opera is a classical building situated on Grand Victoria street, next to the Europa hotel.

   This 127-year-old opera house host different shows year-round. Renowned shows like Chicago and The Bodyguard have visited the opera house.

   A pantomime takes place here every Christmas season.

Cavehill Country Park.

   Cave hill country park is a natural park located on Upper Cavehill road. 

  The park has many archaeological sites, picturesque locations, trekking trail hills etc.

   If you walk up the hill, you will be greeted with amazing views of Belfast for free .its also accessible from the city centre. 

  Walk through the forest and bask in the splendour nature has to offer.

Eat at the Belfast Food Tours.

    This is another good thing to enjoy in Belfast. If you are a foodie, you get the chance to taste and enjoy all things Belfast.

   You can start your food tour in St Georges market. Try over ten dishes and drinks from restaurants and chefs in the city. 

 After that, visit the Cathedral Quarter’s eateries for a treat. Don’t miss this one. 

  Immerse Yourself In History in Belfast Black Cab Tours.

  This is another fun activity you can engage in in Belfast. 

  Taxis became popular as a means of transportation during The Troubles.

 They were considered safer than city buses that were attacked by snipers and bombers.

However, after the Good Friday agreement in 1998, people began using city buses as a means of public transportation because they were safer and the need for taxis decreased.

  Today, many of these black taxis are used to give visitors tours of Belfast.

  They focus on giving information about The Troubles, political murals and general history.

Most of the taxi drivers were drivers during The Troubles too, so get first-hand stories of how things really happened.

C.S Lewis Square.

   Are you a fan of fantasy, literature and The Chronicles of Narnia? If yes, head over to C.S Lewis Square. 

   You will be pleased to see the places that inspired C.S Lewis’s Narnia novels. 

   C.S Lewis was born and raised in the east of the city, an area that inspired his fantasy world of Narnia.

  Explore the area from The Searcher Sculpture to St Mark Church etc.

  You will be teleported to that world when you explore there.

  Entry is free. There are so many beautiful things to see! 

 Any Lewis or literature fan would appreciate a trip here.

Best Time To Visit Belfast.

  If you love outdoor activities, visit Summer is the best time to visit Belfast due to the sunny weather, food fairs, festivals etc.

   According to The independent travel cats, the best time to visit Belfast depends on what you want to do.

  Spring is ideal for long walks, while Autumn is great for beautiful scenery and colours. 

 If you don’t like crowds, visit Belfast in April for the least crowds and rain. 

  Also, enjoy the Christmas market in Winter.

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  1. Oh, reading this post brought back so many good memories! I lived in Belfast for a summer and it was fabulous! Thank you for this!

    1. You are welcome

  2. Such a brilliant post, thank you for sharing! Belfast looks a beautiful place to visit. Thank you for the tips.

    1. You’re welcome

  3. Such great suggestions! Thank you~

  4. Would love to visit Belfast castle, looks amazing!

  5. The Emerald Island hasnt been ticked off our Bucket List yet but we have several friends from Northern Ireland & when they tell us about it, it climbs up our list higher and higher!
    Belfast sounds awesome! Reminds me a lot of Edinburgh with the Castle, Amazing Food Tours, a Massive Mountain to Climb, and the Black Cab Tours to name a few similarities.
    BUT you totally sold me on that is has a deep connection with it’s native son C.S. Lewis! I had no idea he was from there. We started to dabble into his life when we visited Oxford, England and his life as an Inkling. So, this alone would be a major reason for us!

  6. Sounds like such a lovely place to visit. Thank you for sharing. 😊

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

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